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Spring Celebrations Started in Nikopol

Monday, 02 April 2012

On March 30th, 2012 Nikopol hosted the ninth edition of the Contest "Painted Egg". Chitalishte "Napredak 1871", Nikopol invited students from primary school to compete in teams for best painted and decorated big Easter egg. The preparation efforts of grandmothers at home and class leaders at school proved fruitful. Each year the exhibition "Painted Egg" is enriched with more colorful and fancy eggs. This year the Jury had a real problem - it was not possible to select winners - every egg was a winner! The Chitalishte Board of Trustees decided to award everybody with a Certificate, a board game "Ne se sardi choveche" and a calendar, printed by "Ekomission 21 Century" Association from Lovetch. The Calendar depicted a painting of Giulai from the Chitalishte's art classes. The teams were photographed with their eggs and the awards.


The Chitalishte and Youth Volunteer Center are preparing the fifth Lazarki celebration in Nikopol for April 07th, 2012. The volunteers think of surprises, clean the grounds and the godmother is rehearsing. There would be a contest for the most beautiful Lazarka, an Easter concert on the square, parade and ritual launch of Lazarski wreaths in the Danube River. Interest was expressed by lazarki not only from Nikopol, but also from Vabel, Pleven, Sofia, Belene and Yambol. Everybody was wondering what the awards for the beauties would be this year? Till now, they have received specially sewn bags full with eggs and candies, a string with "pendari", colorful belts and a mirror that immediately "says" who is the most beautiful lazarka reflected in it.

Everybody is welcome to come and celebrate with us. You have to know that if lazarka visited your home or you have taken part in the celebrations - this year the hens will deliver every day an egg with two yolks.

The information was prepared by Mrs. Nikolinka Hristova, Secretary of Chitalishte "Napredak 1871", town of Nikopol.


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