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“… Chitalishte is Everywhere Where People Have Needs”

Monday, 04 February 2013

Besides the winner, at Contest AGORA 2011 three additional awards were presented. One of them in the field "Solidarity and Humanity" was presented to Chitalishte "H. Nencho Palaveev - 1869", Koprivshtitsa for the initiative "Children Support a Child for Home without Violence". In the first school days of September 2011 in Koprivshtitsa, a child became a victim of family conflict to the extent of "life threat". That provoked the citizens to organize a charity action in support of the abused child. Among the initiators of the action was the Chitalishte.

Speaking with Mrs. Penka Alexieva, Chairperson of Chitalishte "H. Nencho Palaveev - 1869", Koprivshtitsa we have learnt what happened after the award ceremony and what was the effect of the award.

How did the community welcome the news of the award and was it provoked to start a new initiative?
Chitalishte "H. Nencho Palaveev - 1869" was enthusiastic that the award in the field "Solidarity and Humanity" was presented to our initiative. The certificates and awards that we received made us happy, brightened not only the Chitalishte but also our hearts. The children who implemented the initiative were so proud and very impressed by the ceremony and the attention they attracted. Till then, they did not have an idea how great their deed was.

Will you share with us, what was the effect of the award of Contest AGORA 2011 and how it was used?
The awards received were shared with everybody. The wireless internet provided by Vivacom was activated and available for free to residents and guests of. The funds from the Contest award were spent for an educational visit to the Panagyurishte Treasure of the children from the dance group "Koprivshtenski bogorodichki" who participated in the initiative. Also, the same children supported the formation of a new dance club "Smiles" and continued to work together with them.

What can you recommend to fellow colleagues who intend to develop and involve the local communities in significant civic initiatives?
We would recommend to all colleagues to listen to proposals and initiatives shared at the Chitalishte. There were many cases when the experience and resources we have were crucial for the realization of an idea. In some cases, what matters is the support, in others cooperation or new opportunity to prove the Chitalishte is everywhere where people have needs.