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Dear Colleagues Relate with and Contact Local Communities!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Karlovo became a more welcoming and comfortable place for cultural life, meetings and other public events a year ago when the Multifunctional chamber hall at the Chitalishte opened doors. All that became a reality due to the local initiative and the volunteer labor of the residents who attracted and involved others. Their efforts were recognized with the award for "Most Productive Partnership" at Contest AGORA 2011. Ivanka Baltova, organizer at Chitalishte "Vasil Levski - 1861" told us how the new hall and the award changed the town.

How did the community welcome the news of the award and was it provoked to start a new initiative?

The Multifunctional Chamber Hall at Chitalishte "Vasil Levski - 1861" solved a problem that the town was trying to sort out for a long time. The community was pleased with the award for "Most Productive Partnership". At the Chitalishte many ideas for new initiatives have been submitted, the number of volunteers and donors increased.

Will you share with us, what was the effect of the award of Contest AGORA 2011 and how it was used?

The Chitalishte was awarded an honorary plaque, the amount of 500 BGN and a yearlong free wireless Internet. The amount was invested in our next initiative - repair and reconstruction of the summer cinema and stage in town. It has been more than 20 years since this space was in use. Since August 2012, the residents and guests of Karlovo have one more space for cultural entertainment. The free wireless Internet is available at the multifunctional chamber hall.

What can you recommend to fellow colleagues who intend to develop and involve the local communities in significant civic initiatives?

Dear colleagues relate with and contact local communities! Involve them in the discussions! There are many ideas which existence you do not even suspect, that would come to the surface in the process of communication with the community.