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Free of Charge Screenings on May 24th in the villages of Sevlievo Municipality

Monday, 20 May 2013

In the villages of Sevlievo Municipality there are 28 active Chitalishtes and the residents are mainly elderly people. Only in five of the villages there are primary schools and despite the difficult economic situation people live in they do need entertainment and have the right to access to a modern cultural product. The groups and ensembles of our Chitalishte are almost the only ones that perform there and we know how interested they are, how it becomes a significant event for them - every concert, theater performance or children performance. Since the state owned "Cinemafication" ended its activity, the elderly people have not been in a real cinema for more than 20 years and the children even do not have an idea what it is. Thus, we came out with the idea of "mobile cinema" - to visit villages with existing movie equipment (screens and audio systems) and with the use of a multimedia to project on the big screen some of the new Bulgarian movies as well as for the children (if applicable). The screenings are free as are all Chitalishte events held there. The implementation of this idea will have a significant social impact for the adults and the children will become interested in movies and later when they go to school in the town they will be our viewers.

When we submitted our entry for Contest AGORA - the implemented in 2012 initiative "Equipment of the "21st century" Cinema at the Chitalishte for digital and 3D movies" - our secret hope was to win the award and use it to realize our good intentions. We were very happy that the Contest Jury contributed to the realization of our dream presenting us with the award in the field "Most Productive Partnership". The amount from the award allowed the first screenings of movies in the villages of the municipality to take place in the eve of May 24th - Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day.

We would like to thank Platform AGORA on behalf of our viewers.

The information was prepared by Mrs. Galia Hristova, Secretary of Chitalishte „Razvitie - 1870"