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Burgas is Celebrating the Second Edition of "Melting Pot" Festival

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

True culinary temptations nailed the attention of Burgas' citizens and guests during the second edition of the festival "Melting Pot". On the Day of the Child, the lawn in Meden Rudnik residential complex in Burgas gathered children, parents and people from diverse nationalities who enjoyed the Festival of Ethnicities. On the sunny Saturday the Festival "Melting Pot" started with various folklore songs and dances. Among the participants were the children from the Roma ensemble "Yaldazlar" at Chitalishte "Probuda", Ravnec village as well as the Turkish ensemble from Dobra poliyana village, Ruen Municipality. The curious festival goers stormed the delicious bazaar following the childrens' performances on the open stage. The Russian cuisine was more than diverse. In addition to the traditional for the nation doll "Matrioshka" on the Russian stand there were delicious pelmeni stuffed with potatoes, butter, onion, dill and bacon. Beside them were lined 'sirenki' with cottage cheese. The culinary stand offered 'pirojki' with rice, pancakes with meat and sweet ones.

Untraditional dish on Greek recipe - with honey and walnuts, prepared for weddings - was presented by the other part of the chefs. The children managed to taste the delicious cookies with apples shapes like ribbons made following a typical Polish recipe.

The Armenian stand offered 'blinchiki' with minced meat and "kadan budu" - meatballs with rice. Beside, the bazaar of Bulgarian, Armenian, Polish, Greek, Russian and Turkish sweet and salty specialties, there were stands with bags made of naturally colored wool and many ceramic souvenirs.

The text was prepared by: Chitalishte "Sv. Sv. Kiril and Methodius 1985", Burgas
Photos: Chitalishte "Sv. Sv. Kiril and Methodius 1985", Burgas

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