Active Communities for Development Alternatives

51 Applications Submitted to Contest AGORA 2013

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February 23rd was the deadline for submission of entries of Chitalishtes most successful initiatives for community development implemented together with the residents from all over the country.

This year's edition of the Contest is the fifth jubilee one, where 51 initiatives will compete. The initiatives were implemented by Chitalishtes and the local residents in 38 settlements, they worked together to change their community 'environment'. Here they are:

  • Chitalishte "Savremennik - 1986", Plovdiv; "Creativity Zone";
  • Chitalishte "Nikola Yonkov Vaptcarov - 1873", Tutrakan; "The Green Gold of Danube";
  • Chitalishte "Progress - 1939", Starcevo village, Zlatograd Municipality; "Together for Biser";
  • Chitalishte "Progress - 1939", Starcevo village, Zlatograd Municipality; "Fourth Happy Summer at the Chitalishte";
  • Chitalishte "St. St. Kiril and Methodius 1926", Sofia; "Mobile Plate" - A Celebration of the Chilly Healing Pepper from Vrajdebna";
  • Chitalishte "Prosveta - 1908", Zlatograd; "Celebrate the Book in Zlatograd";
  • Chitalishte "St. George Pobedonosec 1999", Sofia; "Provision of a Better Place for Rehearsals of Chitalishte Groups, Community Gatherings and Beautification of the Surrounding Terrain";
  • Chitalishte "Napredak - 1908", Borima village; "To Preserve the Bulgarian Traditions in a Village with Several Ethnic Groups";
  • Chitalishte "Prosveta-1914", Malko Turnovo; Festival of Crafts "Po Malkotarnovski - ot izvora na Strandja";
  • Chitalishte "Zora - 1903", Radilovo village; "On-line Shop for Local Products from the Parazdjik Region" at http://pzprodukt-kupi.com;
  • Chitalishte "St.St. Kiril and Methodius 1914", Bania, Karlovo Municipality; „The Intangible Heritage - Resource for Sustainable Development of Cultural Tourism in Bania" at http://www.kticbania.com;
  • Chitalishte "Napredak - Elena - 1863", Elena; "The PEOPLE of the Small Town"; Chitalishte "Razvitie 1898", Oreshak village, "The Chitalishte - an Environment for Cultural Diversity";
  • Chitalishte "Razvitie 1898", Oreshak village, Club "Colorful" - The Young People Together;
  • Chitalishte "Petar Parchevich - 1927", Asenovo village, Nikopol Municipality; Festival "The Taste and Crafts of Banat in the Traditions of My Village";
  • Chitalishte "Petar Parchevich - 1927", Asenovo village, Nikopol Municipality; "Banat Culinary Delights and Dishes from Far and Away ..." - production of a culinary book with recipes from the three editions of the Festival "The Taste and Crafts of Banat in the Traditions of my village";
  • Chitalishte "Tcviatko Radoinov - 1885", Krun; "Sport, Education, Training, Culture, Equality, Activism, Tourism - (in Bulgarian language the acronym is SOCRAT)";
  • Chitalishte "Luben Karavelov - 1897", Kurtovo Konare, Stamboliiski Municipality; "Kurtovo Kon@re's Past with Link to the Future: http://www.kurtovokonare.com;
  • Chitalishte "Luben Karavelov - 1897", Kurtovo Konare, Stamboliiski Municipality; "Corn Husk Tales Around the World and at Home";
  • Chitalishte "Vasil Levski - 1861", Karlovo; "Celebrations on the Occasion of "Sirna sedmica" - 'Starchovden' in the Karlovo region";
  • Chitalishte "Zarya 1902", Vakarel village; "Creating a digital library "Vakarel - Past, Songs and Hope" at www.vakarel.info;
  • Chitalishte "Probuda 1967", Plovdivci village; Mobile" Library in the Kindergarten;
  • Chitalishte "Vasil Levski - 1861", Karlovo; A Rock Evening "Goodbye Summer";
  • Chitalishte "Napredak 1895", Radomir; "At the Kindergarten with a Favorite Fairy Tale";
  • Chitalishte "Petar Parchevich - 1927", Asenovo village, Nikopol Municipality; "A Beginning ..." - providing assistance and support for publication and promotion of a book on historic topic, dedicated to the 340th anniversary of the Chiprovtsi Uprising written by our former resident and Chitalishte activist Yozo Mihaylov Yosifov";
  • Chitalishte "Minior - 2006", Bobov dol; "Proud to be Bulgarians with Our Rich and Loved Folklore";
  • Chitalishte "Zahari Stoyanov - 1937", Ruse; "The Library - a Territory for Children with Special Needs and Children at Risk";
  • Chitalishte "Narodna prosveta 1874", Ressen village; "Day of the Folk Art - an Unforgettable Past";
  • Chitalishte "Polkovnik Stoyan Edrev - 1895" Radiuvene village, Lovech Municipality; "Pay It Forward Even Beyond Bulgaria's Borders: what we can transmit to our grandchildren to learn and disseminate";
  • Chitalishte "Napredak 1898", Tarnava village; "Memories from the Past";
  • Chitalishte "Zahari Stoyanov - 1984", Plovdiv; "Summer Children Art Academy";
  • Chitalishte "Svetlina - 1896", Gara Bov, Svoge Municipality; "Nobody is Forgotten - Restoration of the Monument and Commemoration Ceremony of Bov Residents Killed in the Wars";
  • Chitalishte "Zahari Stoyanov - 1937", Ruse; Festival of Youth Rock Groups: "Green Rock Fest Ruse 2013";
  • Chitalishte "Prof. A. Zlatarov - 1927"; Smilyan village; Folklore Singing and Dancing Competition "Izvoren glas";
  • Chitalishte "Probuda - 1914", Ivailovgrad; Festival of Traditional Food, Livelihood and Crafts "The Culinary Heritage of Trakya 2013";
  • Chitalishte "Bulgaria 1937", Mogilica village; Wildflowers Festival in Smolyan (June 21st - 30th), 2013|;
  • Chitalishte "Probuda 1967", Plovdivci village; "Grandpa, Grandma and the Child - Learn and Have Fun Together";
  • Chitalishte "Ivan Vazov 1904"; Hisarya; "Mercy for the Oldies - preservation of old trees in the parks of Hisarya";
  • Chitalishte "Svetlina 1929", Trud village, Martiza Municipality;"Drawing Day Bulgaria: to Draw Together";
  • Chitalishte "Svetlina 1929", Trud village, Martiza Municipality; "Vacation in the Library";
  • Chitalishte "Probuda 1926", Yoglav village; "Making a Model of Yoglav village for the Local Museum Collection";
  • Chitalishte "Prosveta 1937", Varna; "Together in the Net and on the Street: to bridge the generation gap and speak in one language in the e-space - yesterday and today";
  • Chitalishte "Svetlina 1967", Galabovo village; "E-Services - an Opportunity to Change the World Within Us and Around Us";
  • Chitalishte "Saglasie1869", Pleven; "The Travelling Suitcase with the Grimms' Fairy Tales";
  • Chitalishte "Polkovnik Stoyan Edrev - 1895" Radiuvene village, Lovech Municipality; "Shared Life. The sun shines above all of us - to live happily together";
  • Chitalishte "Shalom Aleichem - 1945", Plovdiv; An Exhibition "The Rescue - 1943", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews;
  • Chitalishte "Prosveta - 1881", Kostenec village; "Wax Colored Egg from Kostenec";
  • Chitalishte "Svetlina", Rajena village; "Together to Revive Our Traditions";
  • Chitalishte "Bobra 1896", Kneja; "Promotion of Classical Literature on the Territory of Town of Kneja and the Region through New ICT;
  • Chitalishte "P.R.Slaveykov - 1908", Plovdiv; "Active Life for the Elderly People and Solidarity between Generations";
  • Chitalishte "Prosveta 1870", Svilengrad; "For One More Child - Mission Possible!".

The Chitalishtes applications will be evaluated and selected by the Contest Jury and finalists in five categories will be named:

  • "Community in Development";
  • "Solidarity and Humanity";
  • "Art and Culture for Development";
  • "Perspectives for Growth";
  • "Most Productive Partnership".

The audience at the official Contest ceremony will decide who will be the Winner of the Contest AGORA 2013 on March 14th, 2014 at Hotel "Ramada Sofia".