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Start of the „Public Info Center Svetlina” in Cherven briag

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

On October 15th, 2009 more than 50 citizens of Cherven briag gathered in the hall of Chitalishte "Svetlina" for the public presentation of the „Public Info Center Svetlina" project. The event was attended by the Mayor of the Municipality - Eng. Danail Valov, the deputy mayor "Humanitarian and Social Activities" - Ms. Verginia Vassileva, the Head of the Regional Department Unit of the Ministry of the Interior - Mr. Tsviatko Tsvetkov, representatives of the municipal administration, members of the Bar Association and magistrates, business representatives, local institutions representatives, municipal councilors, NGO sector and citizens.
Mr. Tyhomir Konstantinov, Chairperson of the Chitalishte "Svetlina" and a Coordinator of the project opened the event. Briefly, Mr. Konstantinov followed the path of development till now: two public forums held - one for identification of key local problems and a second, where the one (problem) was selected for solution through implementation of project initiative. "The idea of the Public Info Center as many of you know", he reminded, "was born as an alternative for solution of the key problem - low civic activity in the local community because the citizens are not aware of their rights and duties."
Next, Ms. Galina Porashka took the floor and with a multimedia presentation introduced the audience to the goals, structure, functions and activities of the Info Center as well as the expected community contribution and participation.
Later on, the Public Info Center team of 30 persons was announced to the audience. The team is comprised of active citizens, representatives of various civic organizations, institutions, business, the media and local authorities. The basic criteria for selection of the Center's team members were the following: public and institutional representation; high level of motivation and active civic participation; proved professional and expert qualities.
The work will be distributed among the team members who form a few work groups to implement the four main functions of the new independent organizational structure: research, information and education, mediation and advocacy.
The Public Info Center will be officially launched on November 10 - The Day of Bulgarian Democracy and Freedom of Speech and Press. Till then, the already started repair works of the space provided by Chitalishte "Svetlina" for the Center's office will be complete and the necessary equipment will be purchased. Meanwhile, the Center's team will develop the Statute and Activities Plan of the Center.
Simultaneously with the launch of the Center a regular phone line will become operational for problems notification, consultations, opinion and recommendations in relation with citizens' rights.