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35 Initiatives in Contest AGORA 2014

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

In the sixth edition of Contest AGORA 35 initiatives were submitted till February 23 and will compete in the Contest.

29 settlements, 5 winners in five categories, one big winner in the Contest, cash and prizes for over 4 000 BGN are some of the parameters of the ceremony this year.

The initiatives described by the candidates this year have achieved change in the respective settlements in the field of culture and arts, charity, citizens' rights and literacy with the joint efforts of the local Chitalishtes and the locals.

Till the day of the ceremony - March 12, 2015 the Contest Jury is going to discuss and select the winners in the five categories:

  • "Community in Development";
  • "Solidarity and Humanity";
  • "Art and Culture for Development";
  • "Perspectives for Growth";
  • "Most Productive Partnership".


Chances are equal for:

  1. Celebration of wheat - the bread path; Chitalishte "Dimitar Naumov - 1908"; Preslaven village, Stara Zagora municipality
  2. Every day protectors of nature; Chitalishte "Razvitie - 1926"; Straja village, Targovishte region
  3. Publication of the collection "Ot savodie e tovoeto ime"; Chitalishte "Gradishte 1907"; town of Svoge
  4. Childrens' Art Festival „Hey, path of mine!"; Chitalishte "Gradishte 1907"; town of Svoge
  5. What do I want Europe to know about us?; Chitalishte "Nauka 1905"; Komarevo village, Dolna Mitropolia municipality
  6. It's Palm Sunday! It's a holiday!; Chitalishte "Napredak 1898"; Tarnava village, Vraca region
  7. Citizens have the floor; Chitalishte "L.Karavelov 1897"; Kurtovo Konare village, Stamboliiski municipality
  8. Local brands - a Factor for Sustainable Community Development; Chitalishte "L.Karavelov 1897"; Kurtovo Konare village, Stamboliiski municipality
  9. Campaign for dance and cultural flourishing; Chitalishte "Drujba -1870"; Harmanli, Haskovo region
  10. Library Club "Readers' Class"; Chitalishte "Drujba -1870"; Harmanli, Haskovo region
  11. Return of Rock and Pop music in the town of Harmanli; Chitalishte "Drujba -1870"; Harmanli, Haskovo region
  12. "Starlit Path" for the theater; Chitalishte "Drujba -1870"; Harmanli, Haskovo region
  13. The living tradition "Todorovden in Bachevo "; Chitalishte "Samoobrazovanie 1928" Bachevo village, Razlog municipality
  14. All generations together for preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage; Chitalishte "Samoobrazovanie 1921"; Bryagovica village, Strajica municipality
  15. ХVII National and VI International Folklore Festival of Amateur Historical Movies; Chitalishte "Dobri Voinikov - 1856"; Shumen
  16. Blue Summer 2014; Chitalishte "Pencho Slaveykov Malashevtci district - 1919"; Sofia
  17. Lilac Musical Evenings - Lovech 2014; Lovchansko Chitalishte "Nauka - 1870"
  18. Summer Activities with Children; Chitalishte "Phar 1930"; Pavolche, Vratca municipality
  19. Theater group "Medeka"; Chitalishte "Hristo Botev 1900"; Varshetc
  20. "Bread Festival" and recreation of an old Bulgarian custom "Zajanvane"; Chitalishte "Dimitar Ivanov Polianov - 1870"; Garvan village, Sitovo municipality
  21. Celebration of the gourd; Chitalishte "Hristo Botev - 1894"; Gostilica village, Dryanovo municipality
  22. Childrens' Folklore Contest "Dai babo oganche!"; Chitalishte "P. К. Yavorov 1926" Meshtica village, Pernik municipality
  23. Summed Children Academy "Carefree Summer Days"; Chitalishte "Narodna prosveta 1874", Resen village, Veliko Tarnovo municipality
  24. The taste of childhood - bread, milk and a song - for centuries; Chitalishte "Zora - 1990" Pobeda village, Dolna Mitropolia municipality
  25. From spark to fire; Chitalishte "Narodna prosveta - 1908"; Smolianovci village, Montana municipality
  26. Bazaar "Forgotten traditions, vibrant flavors" - Village Mall; Chitalishte " St.St. Damaskin and Onufryi Gabrovski - 2011"; Gabrovo
  27. Realized colorful dreams; Chitalishte "St.St. Cyril and Methodius - 1914"; Bania, Karlovo municioality
  28. Bright neverending stories on the embroidered 'pishtumali' of Banichan; Chitalishte "Izgrev - 1930"; Banichan village, Gotce Delchev municipality
  29. Become a donor - provide hope and faith to a young woman!; Chitalishte "Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov - 1924"; Krivodol, Krivodol municipality
  30. unForgettable Treasure; Chitalishte "Hristo Botev 2008"; Garvan village, Gabrovo municipality
  31. Sharing of peace and cultural education; Chitalishte "Nikola Vasilev Rakitin - 1890"; Trudovec village, Blagoevrad region
  32. Perspectives for Growth; Chitalishte "Bratolubie - 1884"; Lubimec, Haskovo region
  33. Funny Summer - 2014; Chitalishte "Vasil Levki - 1861"; Karlovo
  34. Bulgarian from Bov; Chitalishte "Svetlina - 1896"; Gara Bov village, Svoge municipality
  35. To donate goodness!; Chitalishte "Hristo Smirnenski 1946", Sofia

During the ceremony, the audience will decide who among the five winners in the categories will be the big winner of Contest AGORA 2014.

Meanwhile, the AGORA team is preparing a special surprise for the Contest guests to tease at least two of their senses. What is it and who will be the winners this year - check out at 5 pm on March 12, 2015 at Hotel "Ramada Sofia", hall "Diamond".

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