Active Communities for Development Alternatives

Building Capacity for Change within the Community

Friday, 23 October 2015

Platform AGORA started the implementation of the project "Active Communities: Building Capacity for Change", supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The project duration is 36 months.

The project objective is to develop, strengthen and promote a sustainable model of empowering communities based on local leadership, active citizenship behaviour and mobilization of local resources.

The Project activities build on the results achieved in the implementation of the previous two stages, supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation: "Active communities through community centres: First Phase" (2009 - 2010) and "Active communities through community centres: Second Phase" (2010 - 2013). They are bound in such a way as to offer an overall model of a civil behaviour, aimed at social and local development with an emphasis on the process sustainability.

The model will be implemented in 12 Bulgarian municipalities, located throughout the country. Eight of them are municipalities, where the AGORA approach was implemented in the previous two projects and sustainable results in the implementation of community initiatives were achieved. Four will be selected among the municipalities, which were not targeted in previous AGORA projects and the model will be tested as a pilot one.

The activities are a complete process of empowerment of the local community, which starts by bringing out the untapped potential for development in the target municipalities and ends by ensuring various options of support to the community initiatives, aimed to the implementation of this potential.

The project "Active Communities: Building Capacity for Change" is funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.