Nikola Kozlevo is the Big Winner in Contest AGORA 2016
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Nikola Kozlevo is the Big Winner in Contest AGORA 2016

Friday, 31 March 2017

At the official ceremony held on March 31 in Sofia, Contest AGORA 2016 awarded the most successful initiative implemented by Chitalishte with mobilization of local people for finding a solution to issue of public importance to the community in 2016.

Anonymously, the guests of the ceremony chose Chitalishte "Probuda - 1906", Nikola Kozlevo to be the big winner with their initiative for restoration of wells in the region. The award recognized the efforts locals invested in researching, mapping and restoring the old water resources as well as the perspectives for development of the region supported by the initiative.

At the ceremony the five finalists in the categories of Contest AGORA 2016 received their awards. The Contest Jury selected the following Chitalishte initiatives:

• Category "Community in Development" to Chitalishte "Prosveta-1898", Patresh for their initiative "Donate A Tree - Plant a Tree in Patresh";

• Category „Solidarity and Humanity" to Chitalishte "Hristo Smirnenski-1945", Sofia for Charity Concert "Children help Children";

• Category „Art and Culture for Development" to Chitalishte "Bratstvo 1869", Kustendil for "Kustendil Guitar Competition";

• Category „Perspectives for Development" to Chitalishte "Probuda - 1906", Nikola Kozlevo for the intiative "The Water Resources of the Land between Ludogorieto and Dobrudja";

• Category „Most Productive Partnership" to Chitalishte "Pencho Slaveykov, Malashevci district-1919", Sofia for their initiative "Step by Step".

For a fifth year the Ministry of Culture awarded a special certificate "Contribution to the Development of Chitalishtes" to Chitalishte "Svetlina - 1936", Krivini village for their cultural cocktail honuring the 80th Chitalishte anniversary.

That marked the eighth edition of Contest AGORA with more than 38 initiatives from all over the country that competed in the five categories and for the big Contest award.

The event is organized by Platform AGORA, financially supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and in partnership with PRoWay Communication Agency and Hotel "Ramada Sofia". Contest AGORA is held with the media support of the Bulgarian National Radio and (Information Portal of NGOs in Bulgaria.

Photo: Mihail Georgiev

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