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Public Info Center "Svetlina" Stared an Advocacy Action

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

On February 15th, 2010 a public forum related with children and youth issues was held in Cherven briag. A special guest of the forum was Mrs. Emilia Lissichkova, Chairperson of AGORA Platform. As a result of the lively debate and discussions the children and young people formulated a joint problem for both groups - the lack of sufficient places for leisure activities. This was the last identified issue to feed the work of the advocacy project team.

Earlier, this year the elderly people pointed out the lack of information and the quality of the drinking water in town as their top priority and the people with disabilities - the accessible environment. On the base of preliminary agreed criteria they had to choose one of the identified issues and try to solve it in the forthcoming months by advocacy.

Thus, a day after the last forum in Cherven briag the public was informed about the forthcoming campaign of the Public Info Center for accessible architecture environment. An issue recognized as one of the most discriminating factors for people with disabilities. In addition, new and competent persons joined the initially set up advocacy team. They will contribute to the achievement of the campaign goals with their knowledge and positions.

The first step towards solving the problem has been made. On February 21st at the Public Info Center office, the advocacy team held its official meeting with Eng. Danail Valov, Mayor of Cherven briag municipality where the problem of people with disabilities was voiced. More specifically, the issue of accessing public buildings and offices in Cherven briag and the opportunities to resolve the problem.

The team was encouraged by the declared understanding and support of the mayor that the path chosen will lead to visible results in the near future.

Currently, the people from the Public Info Center together with the experts and associates involved are working on the development of a long-term strategy for accessible architectural environment bound with deadlines and budgeted.

The information is prepared by Ms. Petya Kircheva, Manager of the Public Info Center "Svetlina", Cherven briag.