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Civic Forums in Nikopol

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

On February 19th, 2010 Chitalishte "Napredak 1871", Nikopol hosted a public forum for discussion on the Municipal Program for Celebrating the Day of Bulgaria's Spiritual Leaders. It is essential to mention that the Program has been drafted and developed in the framework of the implemented by the Chitalishte initiative titled "Nikopols' Spiritual Leaders - the Big Capital of the Small Town", supported by AGORA Platform and funded by America for Bulgaria Foundation.

The Program was developed in compliance with the Plan for Development of Nikopol Municipality 2007 - 2013, "Priority 2: Creating opportunities for spiritual, physical and social development of the population, human resources development and improvement of quality of life". It derives from the need to have role models and follow the example of the great leaders of the Bulgarian Spiritual Revival who contributed to the preservation of the spiritual stability at each settlement in Nikopol municipality. Our efforts to take them out of oblivion will include tracing, researching and remembering these persons and their deeds and pay the due respect.

Civic Forum in Nikopol

The implementation of the Program for Celebrating the Day of Bulgaria's Spiritual Leaders will create opportunities for: establishment of partnerships, preservation of the cultural and historical heritage in the globalization age, fulfillment of children and youth needs to learn about the past of their homeland, involvement and active participation in the local community life. The Program is a tradition of the past, a today's challenge and a hope for a better future.

Also, during the forum an action plan for the operation of the Children's Center was discussed and approved. The Center titled "Friends of the homeland and guards of the historic and cultural homeland memorabilia" is an activity of the Chitalishte library that is envisaged as a sustainable result from the work done with young people through various types of activities in the future. Most interesting were the debates in the civic discussion on the submission of ideas for the Memorable Plate of the Nikopol's Spiritual Leaders. A statement was formulated - the memorable plate to be a single one and to be positioned on a suitable place in the town.

The Chitalishte project initiatives: to support the design and creation of a Memorable Plate of the Nikopol's Spiritual Leaders and to Renovate the Children's Section of the Library were proposed by the citizens and are implemented with donations raised in a fundraising campaign and with voluntary labor of the locals.
On February 26, 2010 starting at 2 pm a final project forum will be held and all citizens are invited to attend.

The information was prepared by Mrs. Nikolinka Hristova, Project Coordinator and Secretary of Chitalishte "Napredak 1871", town of Nikopol.


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