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Kurtovo Konare Fest 2010

Thursday, 08 April 2010

 Kurtovo Konare Fest

The final forum in Kurtovo Konare was held on March 30th, 2010 at Chitalishte "Luben Karavelov" with the opening remarks of Mrs. Radka Stefanova, Chariperson of the Chitalishte. The idea to revive and promote the traditional local livelihood through organization and holing of a Festival by the local community came true in October 2009. The Festival laid the ground for joint efforts of local authorities, community, farmers, producers and partners for organizing it as an annual event and to be included in the Stamboliiski Municipality Calendar for promotion of the whole region and tourist attraction.

Further, Mrs. Shusharova, Secretary of Chitalishte "Luben Karavelov" presented the initiative, the results and effects. The major achievements are as follows:

  • Raised authority of the Chitalishte proving it is the community center where active citizenship is nurtured;
  • The Festival is part of the Cultural Calendar of Stamboliiski Municipality and was recognized by the local authorities as a major local attraction that can promote the region;
  • The chapter of the Municipality Development Plan related with tourism was revised and opportunity for development of a festival tourism was added;
  • Program for Biodiversity Preservation in Stamboliiski Municipality was approved, incl. the Festival;
  • The Festival became part of the Local Development Strategy under the LEADER approach (Axis 4 of the Rural Development Programme);
  • The farmers received useful information from the representatives of the "Agriculture and Forests" Directorate related with opportunities for design of projects for sustainable development through organic farming and production of traditional varieties.
  • Festival's web site http://fest.kurtovokonare.com and logo were designed and developed;
  • Environment for generation of ideas for development of rural, eco and festival tourism and cultural exchange based on local farming practices was created;
  • The initiative is being promoted as a good practice on forums, events and meetings around the country and abroad;
  • New partnerships were established.

The local community already looks forward to the organization of Kurtovo Konare Fest 2010. The festival is recognized as a significant local attraction with potential for development of trademark foods and products, reviving the traditional local livelihood and supporting the sustainable development of the municipality. Having in mind the lessons learnt, experience gained, new ideas generated and partnerships established the work on this year's Festival has begun.
Come and Join Us on September 11 - 12, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday) at Kurtovo Konare Fest 2010!