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The International Theater Festival "Topolovgrad 2010" Kicks Off

Monday, 10 May 2010

AGORA Platform for a second year in a row is supporting the 15th edition of the International Festival of the Amateur Comedy Theaters, Pantomime and Satire "Topolovgrad 2010". Every year the Festival is organized by the Topolovgrad Municipality and Chitalishte "St. St. Ciril and Methodius" with the support of Ministry of Culture, Union of Actors in Bulgaria and the Union of Peoples Chitalishta. This year there is a second stage where guests from the Republic of Moldova, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Serbia will perform.

In the period May 10th - 16th, 2010 on the stages of Topolovgrad, Svilengrad, Elhovo and Dimitrovgrad theater plays could be seen performed by amateur actors from 5 countries. Here you can view the Festival Program.


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