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"Art Changes Lives" Project – "Culture" Program, Sofia Municipality

In September 2011, AGORA Platform started its newest project "Art Changes Lives"- for dissemination of theatre products, interpreting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs ). The project has been approved, funded and supported by "Culture" Program of Sofia Municipality and is being implemented in the support of the candidature of the city of Sofia for European Capital of Culture. The project should end in December 2011 and the amount is 6 750 GN.

The project aims at the promotion and presentation of three products - pantomime and dance performance, forum theater and puppet theater on untraditional places in Sofia. The artistic products resulted from partnership with NGOs from Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian team will provoke the audience from the stage with a pantomime and dance performance of the young actors with impaired hearing from "Tishina" Association. The Bulgarian performance will be followed by a by videos of the Turkish puppet theater and the Romanian forum theater. The theater evenings will continue with discussion with the audience regarding the performance, the topic of MDGs presented by the actors and the specific questions pointed out in each of the art products.

AGORA Platform would like in the process of project implementation to:

  • Provoke the civic position and activity of youth on issues of global importance;
  • Position the MDGs on a new base - through the means of arts and with involvement of youth from the city of Sofia in discussion and interpretation;
  • Dissemination of the products in regions of the city with less cultural activity and limited culture infrastructure.

The project "Art Changes Lives" is targeted to young people who are involved as professional actors and as audience. In order to reach the target groups and disseminate project information, AGORA Platform will cooperate and partner with organizations directed towards and working with youth; with NGOs organizing and managing the free time of the youth incl. peripheral areas; with municipal cultural institutions; with Chitalishtes and schools; with clubs, etc.

From September till December 2011 the activities to be implemented include:

  • Dissemination of project information (on ongoing basis to maintain the interest to the project);
  • Preparation and dissemination of promotion materials - including video clips, posters, announcements, etc.
  • Presentation of theater products at 5 different places at the city of Sofia, followed by discussion.

As a result of the project a whole complete product will be promoted, produced with international youth involvement, devoted to the European idea of citizenship that could be performed on special dates, celebrations and thematically related events. The target groups' awareness about the MDGs will be raised as well as their European citizenship through dissemination of information. Last but not least the visiting tours and discussions at different places in the city of Sofia will bring to live untypical (for cultural events) spaces and will enrich the city's cultural life by provoking the interest of the people living in the peripheral areas.