Active Communities for Development Alternatives


Series "Guides for Chitalishtes"

  • The Power of agora: from civic discussions to successful civic initiatives (in Bulgarian language)





     - Joint Photo exhibition "Generations" BG & ЕN
     - Photo exhibition leaflet "Generations" BG & EN
     - Project Leaflet "Festival of Generations" BG, ЕN & TR
     - Poster "Festival of Generations - Luleburgaz" TR
     - Poster "Festival of Generations - Burgas" BG & EN
     - Agenda "Festival of Generations - Burgas" BG & ЕN
     - "Knowledge for Generations - Family stories from the cross-border region" BG, ЕN & TR
     - "Generations' Vocabulary" BG & TR

     - Video "Festival of Generations" - Turkish participants' perspective BG и TR

     - Video "Festival of Generations" - Bulgarian participants' perspective BG и TR


"Green Days 2013" (in Bulgarian language)


Reports, Research papers and Analyses