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The Initiative for Dissemination of Youth Theater Products "Art Changes Lives" has started

Wednesday, 07 September 2011

In the beginning of September 2011, AGORA Platform started the implementation of its newest project supported by "Culture" Program of Sofia Municipality - "Art Changes Lives" - for dissemination of theater products interpreting the issues of United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs ).

The project includes promotion and presentation of three products - pantomime and dance performance, forum theater and puppet theater at untraditional places in Sofia. The creation of the artistic products is part of AGORA Platform's project "Art Changes Lives", funded with the support from the European Commission's "Youth in Action" Programme. The latter has been implemented in partnership with NGOs from: Turkey, whose team will develop puppet theater performance; Romania will play forum-theater and Bulgaria's young professionals will contribute with a pantomime performance.

The performances of the three groups will be recorded and video materials will be prepared to be viewed during the dissemination initiative.

The support of Sofia Municipality will provide for presentation of the Bulgarian pantomime theater as well as the screening of the foreign art products at untraditional art places in Sofia, its peripheral areas. The audience will be involved in the beginning and at the end of each of the planned five performances in the topic with a discussion session.

In July 2011, each of the international teams identified their MDG topic of importance to work on. Expect the provocation of the young actors from Turkey on the topic "Environment" (Goal 7), from Romania - "Education" (Goal 2) and from Bulgaria again - "Environment".

The performances of the Bulgarian pantomime theater together with the screening of their colleagues' art products and the MDGs discussions will start in October 2011.

The dates and locations of events will be soon published on AGORA Platforms' web site.

The project has been approved, funded and supported by "Culture" Program of Sofia Municipality and is being implemented in the support of the candidature of the city of Sofia for European Capital of Culture.