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The New Guide for Chitalishtes: Strategic Marketing is Here

Saturday, 20 July 2013

"The Guide "Strategic Marketing" is the third publication from the series of Guides for Chitalishtes developed and published by AGORA Platform since 2010. Adding up to the previous publications, the current guide focuses on knowledge, practical models and technologies, adapted according to the Chitalishte specifics and needs. That effort is directly linked with our commitment to support and strengthen the functioning of the Chitalishtes as community development centers.

The Guide presents the tools for improvement of the Chitalishte interaction with the external environment and optimization of the strategic planning processes. Our aim is to contribute to the increased efficiency of the Chitalishte activities having in mind the efforts and resources involved. Last but not least, to enhance the satisfaction of the local residents of the products and services provided by the Chitalishte."

Emilia Lissichkova
Chairperson, Platform AGORA

The Guide "Strategic Marketing" could be read here