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We Challenge You to Change Your Life

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

At the beginning of June 2015, Platform AGORA and the Bulgarian School of Politics "Dimitry Panitza" started the implementation of a partnership project „Life Changing Challenges". The project is in a thematic area "Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance", thematic priority "Active Citizenship" and is financed by the NGO Programme under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (2009 - 2014).

The duration of the project is 10 months. Its specific goal is to develop and implement mechanisms of active citizens' participation in the decision-making processes at local, national and European level.

The project targets 12 communities which will identify pressing local problems and will select leaders who after passing through a specialized training will propose solutions for these problems. The solutions will be discussed back with the local communities. The aims of these discussions are first - the trained leaders to transfer their knowledge and skills to the other members of the community, and second - to involve the community in the process of finding a practical solution to the problems applying the mechanisms of active citizenship. Within the project, 24 local discussions involving all stakeholders will be held and a three-module training "Programme for Active Citizens' Participation and Leadership" will be organized for 24 local leaders. In this way, twelve communities and non-formal local citizens groups will be activated. Young people, as well as representatives of different ethnic groups at local level will be involved. The project will create conditions people at local level to participate in the process of problems solving in their communities and will stimulate active citizenship.

More information about the project, dates and places where the local discussions will be organized will be available soon.

The project "Life Changing Challenges" is financed by the NGO Programme under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (2009 - 2014).