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"Shared" in Koprivshtica "Shared" in Koprivshtica

Monday, 12 September 2011

The last study tour trip was held on September 08th - 09th, 2011 in Koprivshtica where representatives of Chitalishtes working in two thematic areas "Recreation, Sport and Leisure" and "Environment and Organic Farming" gathered. The host of the two day tour was Chitalishte "H. Nencho Palaveev - 1869" and the venue was the building of the first class school in Bulgaria "St. St. Krili and Methodius". Currently, it is a Live Museum with preserved Renaissance style that is operating like cultural and educational center with renovated and modern facilities.

The study tour in Koprivshtica was attended by Mr. Lubomir Tcekov, the Mayor of Koprivshtica participants by encouraging them to successfully implement their initiatives following the example of Koprivshtica. Mr. Tcekov congratulated the local community for their joint efforts for the current initiative realization. Also, he mentioned that the exchange of good practices and experience between active civic organizations should continue.

On the first day of the study trip, the hosts from Koprivshtica, who were the initiators of the thematic area "Environment and Organic Farming", reminded to the visitors how everything has started. Later, they continued with the new elements in their work that are being developed and upgraded in the following directions: - community supported agriculture; - various activities at the Demonstration Center "Kopriva" (straw bale construction, the architecture of Koprivshtica, work with natural materials and fabrics, eco toys, provision to tourists of the "Koprivshtenska Kopriva" package and many others). The ecological education provided to the children in a close to the nature environment and the involvement and participation of volunteers were evaluated as the most precious achievements.

Next was the presentation of Topolovgrad who during the first project phase worked on the thematic area "Recreation, Sport and Leisure". The initiative that upgrades and develops the issue in 2011 is titled "Personal Development through Sports". In the framework of the initiative a space is being created where children, parents and trainers jointly discuss the opportunities provided by the sports to the children for development of their potential.

The children are in the community focus in the village of Bania as well. The building of a playground will ensure space for the children for health, games and dreams.

An eco-garden and playground was the idea of Kustendil Roma community.

The Bukovlak community united for the creation of new sport opportunities for youth in the village.

The issue of environment in combination with building of sport grounds and places for leisure is the ambitious idea of the residents of Kesarevo village titled "By the People for the People".

The cultivation of the green spaces, marking of areas for sport and leisure, playgrounds and eco trail are some of the diverse activities presented by Chitalishte "Hristo Botev - 1898", Tcenovo village.

The representatives of the village of Dolni Vadin in their desire to meet the needs of the locals in the initiative "Dolni Vadin + ... Where the Road Ends" would put efforts in: improving the security of their village, clean the environment, mark tourist sites as well as provide opportunities to elderly people to gain basic computer literacy skills. New element is the testing of a "Shared Kitchen" service between the elderly in the village.


The first day of the study tour trip in Koprivshtica ended with a visit to the construction site of the Demonstration Center "KOPRIVA" that is built with straw bales and natural materials. An improvised discussion was held on site for the advantages of the houses built with natural materials and their place in the urban environment.

On the second day of the study tour trip, a representative of the Chitalishte in Dryanovo joined, who presented to the audience their project "Dryanovci Support the Homeless Dogs" - an interesting and challenging topic of importance for the local community.

The establishment of an "Aero and Sports Club" is the desire of Graf Ignatievo residents'. They would like to gain more knowledge and information about aviation, to have practical exercises, to have opportunities for youth and not only to practice photography from the air. The partnership with the "Graf Ignatievo" Airbase is a serious guarantee for the success of the initiative.

Chitalishte "Vasil Levski - 1861", Karlovo responded to the identified need of local residents to provide opportunities to hold cultural events and performances in a multifunctional hall for smaller audiences. Fundraising campaigns, diverse cultural program and labor of volunteers are only part of the activities planned during the initiative implementation.

A "Wonder Workshop" is the initiative of Yagodovo village residents. They would like to provide a different, more interesting and diverse educational process to the village children.

A challenge is the initiative of Dobrich - "To Make Dobrich a Better Place for Living".

The two day study tour provided opportunities for all participants to exchange comments and recommendations based on their own experience and thus enriching their colleagues' work. Ideas to hold "friendly" contests between the communities where similar sport activities will be held were discussed.


The study tour in Koprivshtica was attended by a Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" PR student who in a team with colleagues is working for promotion of the local initiatives and the events in the two thematic areas.

The information was prepared by Deyan Neychev, Students Media Program intern.



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