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Welcome to GREEN DAYS with Platform AGORA

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Eight of Platform AGORA members will present their natural resources, traditions and culinary delights at the stands of the spring festival GREEN DAYS 2013. The festival will be held in the period April 25th - 28th, 2013 in front of the National Theater "Ivan Vazov" in Sofia. The event is organized by the Bulgarian Alternative Tourism Association and Odysseia-in Ltd.

If you are enthusiastic tourists, journalists, businesses or just want to lead an interesting and healthy lifestyle please visit the stands of Radilovo village, Telish, Ivailovgrad, Brestovica village, Gara Bov, Assenovo village, Kurtovo Konare village and Koprivshtica.

On April 25th-26th, 2013 you could learn more about the Festival of Keshkek and Peoples' Skills to be held September 21st-22nd, 2013 in Radilovo village. It is a two day event related with the 'keshkek' tradition - a mythic dish, prepared following an ancient recipe.








During the same days on the stand of Telish you can go through the history, getting to now about the collection of sitting on a throne goddesses, discovered during archeological excavations in the region, see the 'glinobitni' houses (proto-Thracian clay houses) of our ancestors, learn more about the herbs and other sights from the regions' heritage and nature. All that contributes to turning Telish into an off-beat tourist destination for which you can learn more on the stand of Telish on April 25th-26th and go there and live it all year round.








You could get a hint what is "The Culinary Heritage of Trakya" at the Festival of Traditional Food, Livelihood and Crafts in Ivailovgrad - the ripe fruits and specific dishes of the region on September 07th - 08th, 2013 at their stand on April 25th-26th, 2013.








On April 25th and 26th there is a special offer for the wine lovers and fans of wine tourism - to visit the Festival "Brestovica - Grapes and Wine" . A celebration of the viticulture and winemaking, the Festival is an excellent opportunity to sample various wines specific for the region, learn about the local wine and dessert grape varieties and vine products as shara and sweet sausage (sudjuk). In front of the National Theater on April 25th and 26th you can learn more about the golden and ruby elixir of Brestovica.






On April, 27th - 28th the Festival of Peppers, Tomatos, Traditional Food and Crafts - Kurtovo Konare Fest will be visiting Sofia. On their stand you can learn more about the region, the 'lutenica' and vegetables, jams and traditional dishes that can be tasted by visitors at Kurtovo Konare for a fourth year in a row in September.








On the same day the representatives of Gara Bov will invite you to visit their 'village in the clouds'. On their stand you can learn more about the opportunities for eco-tourism only 60 km from Sofia. The locals could tell you what you can experience in Bov with friends or the whole family.








Visit us in front of the National Theater on April 27th and 28th to see what the Demonstration Center "KOPRIVA" could offer. The Demonstration Center "KOPRIVA" is a result of the ecological initiative for building an eco-house from straw bale in Koprivshtica that united not only locals but involved volunteers from other countries. Now, the new eco experience of Koprivshtica awaits its visitors for holding seminars, workshops, green schools and other initiatives for children, youth and adults.








Who are the Banat Bulgarians? On April, 27th-28th you can learn the answer from the people of Assenovo village. Each year in the village the Festival "Banatski Culinary Delights - the Traditions of My Village" is organized where extraordinary dishes are prepared, colorful Banat costumes are put on, the Banat houses are open to visitors to see and admire their specific architecture. This is your opportunity to meet yet another facet of the Bulgarian traditions.







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