Active Communities for Development Alternatives

Chitalishte "Svetlina" Hosted a Forum in the village of Momchilovci

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

At the very end of the working week on July 17th 2009 at 06:30 pm the widely promoted beforehand community forum was launched in the small hall of the Chitalishte "Svetlina". Mrs. Vaska Mavrodieva, the Chitalishte librarian opened the forum and invited the participants to share important problems of Momchilovci that they would like to solve in the framework of the project "Activating Communities through the Chitalishta in Bulgaria". 

As one of the participants said the local desires are to nurture the spiritual values and preserve the specific local Rodopy atmosphere. Among the issues of interest were the following: to create a Club "Momchilovska Tradicia"; to create a tradition for "noting the noble individuals" of Momchilovci; to compile "a geographical and territorial guide of the village; to establish a Tourist Information Center in the Chitalishte and prepare promotional materials, etc. 

All problems shared by the community members were written down and will be prioritized and researched till the next forum. The participants promised each other to meet again on July 30th, 2009 at 06:30 pm.