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Treasury of "Unlock the Treasures"

Monday, 18 July 2016

In July 2016 was the end of "Unlock the Treasures" Project implemented in partnership between AGORA Platform and Balkan Immigrants Culture and Solidarity Association - BALGOC with headquarter in Bursa, Turkey. The project was funded by the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU And Turkey -III Political Criteria Grant Scheme, Lot 2: Anti-Discrimination.

After 21 month of intensive work in Bursa and Sofia eight events were organized and three publications were produced, translated and disseminated among stakeholders from the two countries. They are:

  • "Challenges before the EU" Brochure - the brochure aims to enrich knowledge, clarify notions, provide examples and ideas about working in the areas of cultural rights, discrimination, and intercultural dialogue. EN / BG / TR 
  • Human Rights, Antidiscrimination, Intercultural Dialogue. Handbook with best practices. - the handbook pursues two aims. Firstly, it defines "stakeholders" in the context of human rights, antidiscrimination and intercultural dialogue ranging from the individual to the society, the state and supranational institutions. Secondly, the handbook presents models and best practices and policies regarding tolerance and nondiscrimination at the individual and everyday level, and at the institutional level. EN / BG / TR 
  • Recommendations on the Achievement of Understanding and Respect for Human Rights at the Local Level - They could be helpful to the public authorities and the citizens in a specific settlement and thus contribute to making their life better and calmer. EN / BG / TR

This publication is produced with the financial support of the EU and Republic of Turkey. Association "Platform AGORA" is responsible for the content of this document and can in no way be interpreted as the opinion of the EU and/or the Republic of Turkey.



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