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Good Governance Practices For The Protection Of Human Rights

Friday, 13 May 2016

Publication was prepared in 2008 with hope to inspire reformers, including Governments, human rights activists, development practitioners, national human rights commissions and national civil society organizations. Its aim is to help filling the gap between human rights standards and principles, on the one hand, and their implementation through governance interventions, on the other.

This document defines good governance as the exercise of authority through political and institutional processes that are transparent and accountable, and encourage public participation.

The publication is organized around the above-mentioned governance themes:

  • Strengthening democratic institutions
  • Improving service delivery
  • The rule of law
  • Combating corruption

Lessons learnt are emerging from case studies provided by the research team. Among them are:

  • National legal frameworks compatible with human rights principles are essential for the protection of human rights
  • Public participation and diverse social partnerships are vital for the protection of human right
  • Negotiation and consensus-building assist the transformation of social and legal practices for the protection of human rights
  • Access to information and transparency contribute to the protection of human rights
  • Public education and awareness-raising on human rights strengthen efforts to reform social and legal practices
  • Strengthening accountability of public officials is an important contributor to human rights protection
  • Efforts to protect and promote human rights are essential components of the transition from conflict to peace

Text of the publication could be found here (in EN only).

This publication is produced with the financial support of the EU and Republic of Turkey. Association "Platform AGORA" is responsible for the content of this document and can in no way be interpreted as the opinion of the EU and/or the Republic of Turkey.




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