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The "Community Leadership" Training Completed

Monday, 05 December 2016

On December 04th, 2016 the last seminar of the first round of "Community Leadership" trainings was completed. Platform AGORA held three seminars in November and December with participation of local leaders from 12 Bulgarian municipalities. Vidin, Oryahovo, Montana, Dryanovo, Karlovo, Lyaskovec, Stamboliiski, Peshtera, Ivailovgrad, Svilengrad, Harmanli, Smolyan had sent their representatives to enhance knowledge and develop skills for community leadership, communication and presentation, etiquette, persuasive communication and they had learnt how to influence people in order to achieve together the common goals.

At the first seminar session the community leadership issues and six leadership theories were reviewed. Emilia Lissichkova, Chairperson of Platform AGORA presented eight major features of efficient leaders and a few types of leadership, combining those features. The accents of the presentation were the skills a community leader needs in order to mobilize the community for joint actions.

Leadership test was filled in by the participants within the interactive module of the training showing the majority of the participants were a moderate type of leaders, according to the leadership definitions and categories.

At the end of the first seminar day an exhibition of 'fantastic beasts' was on display. Teams consisting of two participants improved their communication skills by drawing 'fantastic beasts' following their partner verbal directions and „actively listening". Besides, the most realistic drawing award there was also the Golden Raspberry Award - for a drawing hardly resembling the original.

Within the seminar, the participants working in teams prepared their public speech and spoke to the group of their colleagues. They had to come out with a slogan and present a solution to specific case.

The participants got acquainted with the 'topography of power' in order to successfully plan and implement their future local initiatives. The knowledge on this topic is essential for mapping out major political actors and institutions to be influenced in organizing and carrying out advocacy campaigns on local ground.

The hosting municipalities of the first training module were Montana, Dryanovo and Harmanli.

In January 2017 will be the start of the second training modules exploring the active citizenship issues.

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