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The Second Module "Management of Change" has completed

Wednesday, 08 February 2017

On February 08th, 2017 the last round of seminars "Management of Change" was completed. In January and February 2017, Platform AGORA held three seminars with participation of about 60 local leaders from 12 target municipalities from Bulgaria. The already formed communities of trainees upgraded what they have learnt during the first training module with diverse civic approaches, tools and forms for community mobilization, efficient use of local resources, attraction and motivation of volunteers.

The first session of the seminar explored the theme of local community mobilization. Mrs. Emilia Lissichkova, Chairperson of Platform AGORA talked about the levels of participation and the steps in decision making process. AGORA approach was described with specific examples from Platform AGORA's experience as well as the other forms for informing, consulting, dialogue and partnership applied by AGORA, its members and partners on national, regional and local level. The participants mastered their skills in the process of coming to a joint position, identified priorities and reached a consensus in a role game "Public Forum".

The next theme within the second training module - volunteering - was introduced by representatives of the National Alliance for Volunteer Action (NAVA) with examples from around the world and Bulgaria. The participants learnt why it is essential to have volunteers; what are the topics and causes the different age groups involve with; what motivates them and what are the real personal benefits for them. Time was dedicated to stakeholders' analysis; planning and carrying out of a volunteer initiatives and involvement of volunteers in local community initiatives and campaigns. The topics of development needs and support for the volunteers, recognition of their contribution and sustainable volunteering were pointed out as well.

The last part of the training explored the challenging theme of mobilization of community resources. The participants tried to unravel some of the biggest secrets - why people give; what motivates them and how their efforts are being recognized and appreciated. They found out more about the resources needed for a civic initiative: public support, labor, materials, services and financial resources. Mrs. Daniela Dimitrova from Pleven Public Fund "Chitalishta" shared some fundraising techniques illustrated with examples and emphasized on specific tools and methods applicable within local communities. The participants spoke about personal experience resulting in some cases in unplanned positive result. Finally, they applied in practice what they have learnt planning a fundraising campaign.

The participants highly appreciated the shared own experience by the trainers and bringing up of real risks that could be faced working on local ground.

Peshtera, Smolyan and Vidin hosted the trainings in this round.

On February 09th, 2017 starts the third round of seminars devoted to active citizenship in Karlovo.

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