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Monday, 27 February 2017

With completion of the third module "Active Citizenship" in Karlovo, Svilengrad and Oryahovo the training program "Leadership in Community" of Platform AGORA reached its finishing point. In February 2017, the last training module "Active Citizenship" enriched the participants' knowledge about various types of municipal funds for support of civic initiatives, further enhanced their knowledge and skills to advocate, plan and carry out advocacy campaigns.

Mrs. Emilia Lissichkova, Chairperson of Platform AGORA presented the different types of funds for support of local initiatives, the main principles of their establishment and operation, the terms and conditions for applying for funding with initiatives on local level. The participants shared their own experience from recent years in regards with local funds functioning. They confirmed that the announcement and adherence to the principles are guaranteeing successful launch and build trust within the community. The practical exercises allowed the participants to point out in small groups the positive and negative aspects of the various fund types; to discuss with colleagues the risks and challenges and together to look for solutions. 





Significant part of the training was devoted to advocacy - principles and characteristics, detailed explanation of advocacy campaign steps with appropriate examples from the Bulgarian practice and sharing of experience, advocacy tools as well as lessons learnt from carried out campaigns. All of the above was presented by Mrs. Daniela Dimitrova, Chairperson of Pleven Public Fund "Chitalishta". The participants had the opportunity as a practical task to draft their advocacy campaign by municipality, received feedback and adopted some tools and approaches shared by colleagues.







The training ended with award of certificates to the participants in the programme "Leadership in the Community". However, their work will continue on local level with organization and carrying out of advocacy campaigns. 









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