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Series of Specialized Thematic Trainings on Alternative Tourism were Completed

Monday, 18 December 2017

As the end of year approaches, the second specialized thematic trainings of Platform AGORA "Alternative Tourism" came also to an end in December 2017. The municipalities of Kustendil, Peshtera, Slivegrad and Draynovo being AGORA partners in the project "Active Communities: Building Capacity for Change", supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation hosted series of trainings with more than 100 participants.
The training goals were on one hand to introduce the participants to key concepts in tourism and the advantages of its alternative forms and on another to motivate them to develop attractive offers for alternative tourism based on the local resources.

During the training the representatives of twelve municipalities learnt about the types of alternative tourism and evaluated their local tourist resources. They understood what is a tourist destination, tourist product, how tourist marketing is made and how a tourist brand is establishing. The practical part included development of tourist offer for the respective municipalities, based on specific tourist profile. After discussions, suggestions and sharing of information and opinion some ideas emerged for development of regional tourist products. The hosting municipalities had the opportunity to tell, show and impress their guests with local sightseeing tours.

"Alternative Tourism" was the second of a series of specialized thematic trainings of Platform AGORA within the project "Active Communities: Building Capacity for Change". The next training "Culture for development and cultural-historical heritage" will be held March - April 2018.

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